Weight and Food at 11 wks.

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I still weigh 115. So far, after almost 3 months, I’ve gained only one pound. The lack of weight gain is mostly due to my lack of appetite.  I eat a little and feel full, or I plainly get turned off by eating meats.  Some nights, all I eat is cereal because it feels and tastes fresh. Sometimes I crave meals that don’t need to be cooked, like sandwiches, salads, breads, cereal, etc.

So what do the books say?

Suuuuuuposedly, the first trimester allows you to add 1 pound each month, so 3 pounds the first 3 months. But most women don’t even gain weight because of all the nausea.

My problem isn’t that I’m throwing up or dry heaving, but I do feel sick sometimes because of the odors around me.  I become like wolverine and each smell intensifies, esp. when food is around, or when food is being cooked.  Even thinking of cooked food makes me feel sick and I have to strongly control and suppress.

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