Meeting Baby Z

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So we’re 11 weeks and today was our first ultrasound for Baby Z (Zias [zia-as]/Zienne [like zion, fem.form]).  We were super excited, and got up, prepared zem, and found the place.  The radiology center was impressive, esp. compared to my first pregnancy.  This one had a complete dressing room, like one you’d find in a spa, where you change into nice gowns, stored locker, and bathrooms.  My last pregnancy, no room, no robes; you were just in your own clothes while having the procedure. 

They even had a waiting room for Perze and Em, where they waited to be called into the ultrasound room to see Baby Z.  Their computers and screens weren’t even two years old and much clearer than the ones used for Em.

(Em on the left, Baby Z. on the right)


I was the first one to see Baby Z, and I couldn’t help but be such a sap about it.  For the record, I did tear a bit, and thanked God wholeheartedly for making such a miracle and for letting me be a mom again.  I couldn’t stop smiling every time I saw Baby.

Em was extremely excited to see Baby Z on the screen!  She even saw Baby kick inside me and thought it was so amusing.  (Afterwards, she even called her Lola Ruth and told her that Baby Z kicked inside me.)  The operator printed out two pictures for us and Em was so excited that she wouldn’t let go of the picture the whole time we were there.  It was so sweet to her her loving response and excited gestures.

But nope, too early to say the gender, but so far, everything looks great.

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If you’re interested, we uploaded the pictures on the photo gallery, titled "Meeting Baby Z."

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