Babies, Papers, Brakes, Cousins and Bats

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So yes, we are pregnant and yes it was planned. We had the chance to visit the OB-GYN today and found out that our bundle of joy 2.0 is now on its tenth gestational week. So as of today the baby is 3 inches long and is probably happily floating inside her mama’s uterus, causing mayhem on marchesa’s olfactory and somatic systems. After going to the OB, Emma and I got dropped off because marchesa needed to have her similitude imprinted onto plastic courtesy of the NJ DMV (i know you want to look that word up, go ahead, this blog post will still be here by the time you come back).

While the wifey was gone, I had to work from home and deal with my ever present blogs related issues. Well, the two week headache has finally been resolved, the other one will never ever be resolved and the week old headache .. we’ll see by tomorrow.

With all that work stuff going on, emma was in the other room making paper crafts, painting, origami, using all of marchesa’s sticker collection and watching noggin all at once. from time to time she would go to my makeshift office to ask for my opinion on her latest work of art or asking me to wipe her bum because she did either number 1 or 2. she is very independent now and very manipulative. this paragraph just doesn’t do justice.

Over the weekend, I found out that the brakes on the outlander are now almost paper thin and almost shelled out 500 ducks to have both front and rear brakes fixed. good thing i trusted my instinct to call my wife before giving a greenlight on the said transaction. toto adviced me to shop around and there were shops that were 30% cheaper. sunday came and got to talk to the resident mechanic at the church and showed him what was going on and he offered to fix it himself as long as i buy the parts, total cost is 60% off the initial quote and that includes the parts and everything.

A couple weeks ago I received an e-mail that my cousin Sally just arrived in Brattleboro, VT to pursue her masters in urban development. We’ve been planning to visit her but we’ve had the busiest summer ever, from weddings to anniversaries to birthdays and what-not, there was never a dull moment this summer. We’ve finally decided to visit her this coming weekend but we are going through a lot of hurdles and the plan is still up in the air as of now because of accommodation related reasons and responsibilities that we can’t seem to get away from. Apparently, Inns and Hotels within a 25 mile radius of Brattleboro are booked to the brim.

Not to be confused by the heading, the Bations just left for the Philippines. Their family has really made an impact on SJBCI in the past 5 or so years that they have been with the church. Pretty large shoes to fill considering that we now need 5 or so people just to fill the family’s role in various ministries of the church. Yesterday seemed a mirage considering the fact that next sunday they won’t be there anymore. We just have to move forward, God does these things for a reason and we grow from these things. We wish them well wherever they end up and look forward to their return. If you know them, please continue to pray for Kuya Dolly’s healing.

With the Bation’s gone, my involvement with the worship ministry will now be ramped up, Good thing we have K. Cliff, Ate Agnes and Jaspher we now have a good rotation and ample preparation time before your next rotation comes in.

I’ll need to expound on all these things, this is just a quick update since its been a while since i’ve blogged.

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