First Visit…

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OK. Some key things.

Today was my first ob. appointment. Thankfully, Perze and Em accompanied me through this seemingly nerve wracking experience.  Although I remember the procedure from my first pregnancy, I do still get nervous and would rather have their support and extra ear.

Thankfully, the exam went well and because of the positive experience and overall feeling we got from the doctor and their practices, we’re most likely going to stick with them.  For future moms out there, ALWAYS gather enough informational material about your doctor, the hospital you’ll be delivering in, their usual practice and routine when it comes to emergencies, etc. 

I’m thankful that their office does their own blood work.  My last ob. didn’t offer that convenience so I always had to set up a different appointment in another location.  It wasn’t so bad last time, although a mere inconvenience; but dragging a distracted toddler here and there isn’t that grand.

Well, onto the more exciting stuff…(unlike blood work)…We’re about 10 weeks into the pregnancy. I’m in optimal health. Oh, and the expected date is on…
wait for it….

               May 15


Yes! A May baby.  Right smack the time when my favorite flowers in my mom’ garden blooms. 

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