"Cutting with scissors…"

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…My tricky little girl….oooooooo….so this happened just a few minutes ago.

She came up to me, without me noticing that she was sporting the one hand out gig.  With her other hand, she held out a blank piece of paper and said, "Mamam, cutting with scissors is not so bad."  She was basically giving her defense that would allow me to let her use scissors, although I really don’t like her using them because we don’t really have safety toddler scissors. 

Gently, I pleaded with her and gave her my reasons why she couldn’t use the scissors.  To my surprise, she took it very well, without any counter arguments, so I asked her to give me a kiss.  She complied, but as she walked away, I noticed the little politician hiding and holding the scissors behind her back!  Imagine!  She was gonna pull a sneak request on me.

So I asked her what she had behind her and she slowly revealed the scissors and, like a pregnant woman on ice cream fudge-cicles, she gave in.

Cute, but not cunning enough.

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