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2008oct12 038 So I’ve handed out and mailed 80% of the announcement cards this week.  The rest of our friends should find out this week about our big news that we’ve tried to keep somewhat of a secret.  The reason for this is because I’d prefer to be out of the first trimester zone before answering questions, due to one important factor that we’re awaiting my first formal checkup.  But, because of my overexcited proud husband and my bulging midsection (see blog below), the news leaked.

We’ve decided to mail out the announcements this time because we know some of our friends aren’t that accessible to the internet.  It’s also a nice fridge decor for you to add with your state magnets.  If you didn’t get a picture announcement, we’re really sorry; it’s probably due to us not updating our address archive, with everyone graduating, moving, protection programs, etc…

But if you haven’t noticed, you can browse our:

twelvesixteen newsletter:  formal page announcement
baby blog 2.0: updates on the progression

Both can be found on the left side module navigation section.  Nevertheless, thanks for keeping up with our family’s news. We really appreciate it.

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