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So, 50% of our family and friends know our big announcement.  We’re hoping to get the rest of it mailed this week.

People have been noticing my shape changing.  Recalling the time I first got pregnant with Emma, I only started showing 5-6 months.  I read somewhere that a woman’s belly is like a balloon; the first time you inflate it, it’s more difficult to stretch.  But the 2nd and 3rd time around, it’s already stretched out so it’ll take less time to inflate.  So this time around, I’m already showing at 2-3 months.

But I actually like showing.  I always joke around with Perze, wondering if we’re really pregnant.  So it’s the baby’s way of saying, "I’m here, get it ready kids…"  It’s also because I’m one of those women who don’t feel all the negative effects of pregnancy, like extreme nausea, throwing up…etc.

Like my last pregnancy, I’ll try to post monthly pictures of my progression. :)  We’re so excited. The only thing different this time is that we’ll get to include how Ate is responding to all of the change.  We’re extremely excited for her, and it makes the experience so much more joyful.

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