Happy 20th Anniversary South Jersey Bible Church Int.

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SJBCIbefore Every year, I’m delegated the task of compiling pictures to make the multimedia presentations for the SJBCI annual anniversaries.  As much as I wish I could pass this task down to someone younger who will build their skill with working with these creative programs, I somehow always manage to take upon this task.

Last night, around 2am, while working on the history presentation, I realized that maybe God handpicked me to do these presentations, this task of looking through albums upon albums and making a cohesive story or idea.

This idea was confirmed when I was driving back from dropping off Perze at the train station.  On Star 99.1, a quote came on, "When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece. – John Ruskin 1819-1900.  Now, I wouldn’t always claim that these slideshows are "masterpieces" by conventional definition, but every year, looking at the finished product, I’m really really blessed, seeing the progression of our church through God’s power and blessing.

SJBCINow You see, I was here when SJBCI started.  I was in one of the founding families.  Of course at the time, I never would expect great things, esp. in my own life, to contribute to glorifying God.  But I am 20 years w/ SJBCI.  Maybe, humbling as it is, God grew my love for art and music, for graphics and photography, for story telling and writing, for creativity, each year and years after, building my skill and my love to create these short media testimonies for SJBCI, to showcase His glory and work, and love.

People may pass by and see SJBCI as it is now, or having seen it from the past, but I’ve been there to see people grow these 20 years.  I’ve seen children become leaders, and youth being broken and molded, young adults having been married and starting families.  I’ve seen adults change and families cry. I’ve seen how so many people serve and help and give.  I’ve been married within its walls, and seen my firstborn dedicated at the pulpit with the people who’s known me since I was nine years old.

I think that’s why I get sentimental around this year…having seen the church grow and myself with it, from the very start.  Seeing people go and seeing people serve and come w/ passion that changes people within it. 

So I know it may not be much, but I’m thankful to God for really letting me be a part of His masterpiece.

Happy 20th Anniversary South Jersey Bible Church Int.

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