Made Up for Thursday…

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2008oct12 039-1Without expectation, I asked the girl in Ulta which was a really great eyeshadow to create a certain look I had in mind.  She asked me if I had 3 minutes, so I complied and sat down. 

After 15 minutes of small chatter and various brushes touching my face, I realized that she was giving me a complete facial makeover…not just eyeshadow.  I almost laughed out loud at the realization, imagining Perze coming home and wondering what the special occasion could be. 

Even as I look at myself in my mirror right now, I feel bad just thinking about taking it off cuz she did such a nice job, having put so much time into it. hahahahah. 

(sorry I can’t find a better a picture of it. I didn’t really take pictures of it…only this one.)

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