Young Married Couples Bible Study

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Last night, I woke up in the middle of my sleep and a passing thought of our couples bible study caught my attention.  For just a couple of minutes, I found myself smiling over things that were shared that night, and I was genuinely thankful that we started this Young Married Couple Bible Study. 

image I led the first study, using the Dr. Emerson Eggerichs’ book "Love & Respect."  It’s affiliated w/ Focus on the Family, with Dr. Emerson having led numerous marriage conferences.  So far, having studied half of session one, I’m looking forward to getting deeper into the study, onto more practical and Biblical teachings that will help us in our communication and response to each other.

What I loved most about the night was the sharing of stories…even embarrassing stories.  At first, general issues were shared but as the night progressed, we were laughing over some more serious problems we dealt with within our marriages.  We revealed our strengths and weaknesses, and were able to really admit where we faltered in our communication.  This was a great platform because it was a safe zone to talk about Crazy Cycles without taking things said too personally.  We got to know each other’s personalities when it came to relationships and were able to honestly asses our own. 

I just hope, honestly, that it’ll help us to think more and consider our marriage partner before acting harshly and recreating "crazy cycles." 

With added blessing, I’m just really thankful that we can share this study not just with other married couples, but specifically our close friends…it really strengthens our trust with them as well as adds more memories to the ones we already share together. 

I hope God will really bless this bible study.

ps. thanks rog for grilling all that steak, chicken, and shrimp!! Really good, my friend.

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