More Reasons to Visit California

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There’s so much news I want to post but I’m trying to wait for the right time.

One piece of news I wanted to blog about is more of the sad side, with my younger sister having abruptly relocated to Cali for more job opportunity.  She wasn’t too keen with working at New York and saw limited work in Phila. so in the span of one month, she was contacted by a college friend who was starting a new business.  She gave an offer to Kris, so without proper planning of a goodbye get together, she flew to Cali w/ my brother last weekend. 

We all wish her the very best and we know she’s more than qualified for what’s out there.

Some photos my brother took while they were scouting out the place:

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This is my mother being worried:

                                                 PAS_5866 by you.

Kris. If you’re reading this…

… please allow yourself a very healthy group of friends who will enrich you while you’re there. And don’t forget to read your Bible and pray every day. Love you and we miss you.

Yesterday I was teaching Emma about geography with her first atlas and she can point out what state she lives in and the state where you now live.  She also knows the Jersey flag as well as the California flag.

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