DIY: Chicken Fettucini Alfredo

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Fettucini Pasta
Alfredo Sauce
Chicken Breast
Bella Mushrooms
Garlic Powder
1 Red Bell Pepper


alfredo01 1) Melt some butter in a huge frying pan (big enough to later add the veggies and pasta).  Cook the diced chicken pieces under med. heat until every side is cooked (don’t overcook!).  I used 2 chicken breasts.  Add some garlic powder and salt (just enough, you could always add some more after it’s all done).

2) While the chicken is cooking, boil water in a deep pot for fettucini pasta.  After boiling, drop just a little bit of cooking oil in the water to prevent pasta from sticking.  Then add the pasta in the water and cook until the pasta is tender.  I used 3/4 of the box. 

alfredo02 3) Cooking the pasta will take a while, and so will the chicken, so meanwhile, prepare your veggies!!  I used half of one red bell pepper, fresh broccoli stalks (cut into 4ths), and diced 4-5 bella mushrooms sideways.  You can always proportion it to your taste, depending on what you prefer to eat (but believe me, the mushrooms are to die).

4)  Once chicken is done, take it out of the pan and set aside.  Put all veggies in the same pan and cook until they’ve darkened and have become tender.  This will take about 10 minutes or so on med. heat.  After cooked, add the chicken and put heat on low.

alfredo03 5)  Pour the whole jar of Alfredo sauce to cover the chicken and veggies.  I used Rinaldo Alfredo Sauce.  Stir until sauce covers the goods.

6)  Check the pasta and see if it’s tender enough to take off the heat.  Once it’s done, drain it and pour cold water over it to prevent it from cooking more.  Once drained, alfredo04join the the pasta with its friends in the big pan and stir until everything is covered.

7) Add more garlic powder or salt to taste. 

8) Take off from heat and serve w/ Parmesan cheese over it.  Should serve 4-5 people.

Lemmeno how it goes if you’ve tried the recipe.  I was just trying some stuff out and it turned out great.  Hopefully I’ll blog more on cooking since I can now say I know how to cook, not with an iron mitt, but good enough that my husband will kiss me on the cheek and say dinner was great. =D

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