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It’s been a while since I’ve posted a movie review, but after seeing Once, I feel it a dishonor to the creators/musicians for not passing it on to other movie viewers & musicians.


It’s a completely brilliant and refreshing film about a musician’s plight to get his music off the streets and into rotation, but never really gets the gumption to do it until, out of happenstance, this ordinary woman approaches him one night while he’s singing out his lungs and angst ridden heart.  Brilliantly enough, they have no names, and they look ordinary, yet resembling the normal Irish man and Czech woman.  But from the beginning of their meeting, to the randomness of their conversations, you find yourself cozied up within their budding friendship and obvious musical connection.  His songs are climaxing, strong, and honest; she helps fill in his songs that were once void of calm sweetness by singing superb harmony and infusing simple piano melodies.

But what makes the movie work most is its honesty between them.  If the two characters were a song, they’d be initially subtle, strong, beautiful, but with an underlying tension and tragedy (somewhat like "Falling Slowly").  Speaking of songs, Glen Hansard and  Markéta Irglová star in this film, as brilliant musicians, having written most of the songs together. 


"Falling Slowly" (above) won an Oscar for best music in a film, beating the other nominated candidates Enchanted and August Rush.   I recommend buying the soundtrack on iTunes.  It’s superb, honest, and melodic. Just great music.  I mean, I hardly pay for my music but this time, after having seen the movie, I quickly researched the two musicians and wanted the soundtrack.

After the Movie:

A budding romance followed quickly while filming the movie between these two musicians (a happy ending after all!!!).  After the movie, they made a band, The Swell Season (named after Hansard’s favorite book) and is currently touring US and international venues.  He’s 38 and she’s 20, but their musical prowess really equal each other, him having experience in a band and she being classically trained in piano and voice. 

So the movie doesn’t have to end…you can see them continue to make music…and hopefully with fingers crossed, maybe a much needed sequel.

                                                                               GO SEE IT.
                                                                               LIKE NOW.

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