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sjbciinviteI’m usually the ‘go-to’ person for graphic work for announcements, invitations, pictures, etc.  This year, I was asked to make invitations.  Last Sunday, I finally finished all the SJBCI 2008 Anniversary Invitations.  They wanted something a little more formal so I made these:

This was taken by my iPhone so it’s a little blurry but they’re easy to make.  The final invitation has the dimensions of 4.5×6.


Photoshopped graphic
Photo Printer
White 8×11 Cardstock Paper
Paper Cutter
Oatmeal Textured 12×12 Cardstock Scrapbook Paper
3D Mounting Square Mounting Stickers


So to start, I took a digital picture of the pews in our church and retouched it so it looked polished to use as a background for the invitation.  I started w/ the original (photo on left) and retouched the picture and added text (photo on right):

                         2008sept9 038 sjbci20anniv

I used this as the main invitation found inside of the outer envelope.  To save on costs, I opted to have them printed on photo machines costing $.15-$.20 instead of printing 2 on cardstock paper from Staples which would have cost $1.05. 

365175_1 I then took the 12×12 Textured Cardstock Paper and cut them in half using a paper cutter.  Using a 3D mounting square sticker, I attached the invitation in the middle of the textured cardstock paper.  YoureInvitedstickersI then folded the cardstock paper in 3 as to showcase the invitation in the middle when the envelope is opened.

Again using photoshop, I created a text graphic, matching the "Going, Going, & Beyond" which said "You’re Invited."  I printed 28 on one page and had it colored printed on White  8×11 cardstock paper from Staples.  I used a paper cutter to cut them little rectangles.  Again, I used the 3D mounting squares to elevate the sticker on the envelope.

All the colors matched.  I used the fall color palate of brown, mustard, gold, and oatmeal.  It got good feedback, so I was glad they ended up looking very polished and professional.

Any questions??

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