Young Believers TwentyTwo

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Last Sunday, we tried to fit in 22 Young Believers into our semi-renovated room that normally serves 15 people comfortably.  Yes, 22!  That’s not even with the YB leaders/advisors.  Due to the aging kids who used to run around in our church, now having turned 12 years old, we’ve no choice but to allow them into the youth group. 


Sweetly enough, some of them have been waiting years to participate in all the youth functions and events and Bible studies, not to mention just be involved in the fellowship with the other youth.  Some of their parents have also been waiting for them to reach the age of involvement.  Parents have come up to me to state their concerns and their hopes in their son/daughter joining the group.  This is a positive sign to me, confirming the impact the youth has on our church body and the impact youth group has on individuals. 

I think over the years, it’s really an awesome thing to hear so many parents share blessings they see in their child because of being in the youth group, some small blessings, and some that are gigantic and life changing/saving, and I’m really glad to know that God is being glorified; God is being preached to them and that God is a part of their lifestyle.  I’ve been personally blessed to see such fruit from the YB, esp. personal ones, and even group efforts and events. 

Most of all, I love seeing them grow in their love for God.  Not kidding. I know in most youth groups, you’re lucky to have one or two that follow into leadership and love for God, but as I look at each of these older YB, I can honestly say that they each hold those characteristics.  I’m only hoping for the same result in this next batch of new YBs, and by God’s guidance, I hope the older YB will help me and endeavor the same thing for the generation after them.

Tonight, I’ve recently finished planning the next few months projects and calendars.  But I can’t seem to get passed the immediate problem of where to congregate all of them since I doubt we’ll be able to all fit comfortably in the YB room, unless we take out the middle table.

We’ve set up an Older Sister/Brother Program to help easily integrate the younger YB while efficiently recruiting the older YB for direct help.  We also have our monthly fundraisers to combat the dearth in our budget, and Bible Studies are being prepared (totally a different topic to tackle due to a lot of parental concerns).  Pray for us.  God is doing great things w/ the SJBCI Young Believers.

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