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it took me forever to write this but ‘d like to greet my wife a super belated happy birthday. no, i wasn’t a bad husband that forgot his wife’s birthday. it’s just that i was a bad blogger. on my defense, we did go out the day before to her second most favorite restaurant and spent the whole day with some crazy kids at ocean city in joizee.

i met her when she was two and twenty. that was seven years ago. seems a long while but still feels like yesterday when we went rollerblading in washington lake park to celebrate her birthday. for those of you who know me, anything that concerns with wheels under my feet, or anything under my feet for that matter is bound to be disastrous, unless it’s got something to do with flames. that didn’t turn out well either.

seems just yesterday when i tried my best to convince her that i stink at rollerblading but she won’t believe me, so i indulged her since i already said no the week before. i strapped on my skates, 5 minutes later, i fell .. in love.

well yes, i did fall flat in my bum. i almost dragged her with me because she was being nice and tried to assist me. i fell anyway, and i was glad i did. i cherish this day not only because this was the day when marchesa was born but this was also the day when i was made whole. no wonder i have 0 recollection of my childhood up until when i was 4 … i think.

since that day and for the past 7 years i’ve celebrated her birthdays with her. i always made it a point to be with her on that day. in 2005, another addition to our family came, and for the past 3 years we’ve shared this with Noe /no-wee/ a.k.a. emma or wadi for short.

she is my daughters best friend (next to the hongs). but she is mine and mine alone. i love you mahal. happy belated happy birthday.

we should go rollerblading again, maybe its time we teach “wadi” to rollerblade.

… and seriously, i need the exercise.

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