The 29 Celebration

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I’m 29!  I remember when I was 21 wishing I was 29.  Now that I am 29, I’ve stopped wishing for numbers.  I love things as they are, and any age is a blessing. I mean it.

Just this morning I was reading my past blogs from last year and true enough, like last year, we went to Red Lobster for my pre-birthday dinner.  I don’t know why, but I absolutely love the place.  Em is in love with their biscuits and Perze and I are seafood lovers.  Perze laughed that night on the drive there saying, "thank goodness your mom has simple taste."  Hahahaha…it’s true. We can buy whole lobsters and cook it at home, and I’m soooooooo excited.

The day of my birthday, instead of going through Perze’s initial plans of hitting NY, we agreed to spending the day w/ the YB at the beach.  People thought it was sacrificial of me, but I never think hanging out w/ the YB is ever anything chore-like.  They’re friends, just younger and more drama saturated.

The day was perfect, having been not too hot, with blankets spread all over, drinks in the cooler, an umbrella providing shade, Emma digging holes, Perze enjoying the water w/ his daughter, and the YB laughter.  I brought a couple books along to read but never got the chance.  The YB were sweet enough to bring a carvel in the cooler which waited for me for 2 hours, trying so hard not to melt until I came to eat it w/ a trusty fork.

We ended up leaving the shore around 8pm to eat dinner.  For the second time that week, courtesy of the YB, I was serenaded by restaurant servers w/ their rendition of "happy birthday" in the key of off.  

I just want to thank everyone who left facebook messages, voicemails, texts, phonecalls, hangouts etc…

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