Weekend Happenings

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2008aug24 020The weekend was great, filled w/ some friends and family coming over to spend time with us and also my sister’s family, who Godwilling will be moving closer to us by the fall.

Friday night, the Rabs bought us dinner.  Afterwards, Lei and I tweaked one of their wedding photos to use for their thank you cards.  After they’ve mailed all of them out, I’ll post in on twelvesixteen.net.  Michelle came after dinner and then the Ngs.  We all just sat around playing w/ the kids and Mariokart-ing, talking (of course) about everything going on and everything that went on, and laughing (siempre!).  Everyone ended up home around 1am.  I’m excited for the possibilities of my sister moving south so there will be more opportunities to hang out like Friday night.

2008aug24 060 2008aug24 062 Saturday morning, after an hour of taking care of the two toddlers and one infant, Perze and I were mercifully rescued by my kuya Fred and sister Kris who came up to visit the kids.  This made it a little easier to take care of Hong and Ems who have this love/hate relationship when it comes to play.  Due to the difference in their genders, their personalities and emotions on how the perceive things sometimes collide and result in toddler altercations.  Thankfully, they forgive and forget very quickly and they’re bffs  once again.   That night, we were Michelle and her friend Kevin joined us for dinner out.

2008aug24 069 Sunday morning, we parted w/ the Ngs so we can attend our weekly church service in SJ.  Emma got to visit her lolo afterwards and Perze and I got to catch up fellowship-ing w/ the adults and youth group.  The YB held their carwash last sunday to increase the YB funds that were depleted by BASIC.  We also made plans for the coming week and just got the chance to sit around and talk, which is something I like to do to keep updated in their lives.

         2008aug24 119 2008aug24 137

After eating dinner at SJ, we left for home, listening to the Christmas Cantata music on the way.  Yup. It’s here again, about that time again.  It made me a little sad cuz I knew that my youth time would suffer again. 

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