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I notice outside it’s growing chilly and windy again, getting darker earlier, and that hint of fall and coffee are calling pensive thoughts to resurface again.  Flashbacks of long solitary walks and fall’s fashion are making their way into my thoughts and it’s just making me a bit nostalgic.  My birthday is tomorrow and I’m realizing how big Emma’s getting and everything’s reminding me about time’s merciless indifference. 

Perze yesterday mentioned something about the fountain of youth.  It’s not that I ever would want my youth back; it’s more like sometimes I want to keep things as they are, with the things I love most within my reach: i.e. Emma saying I love you and that I’m her best friend and that she’d never leave me.  Seeing my parents still active and happy.  My siblings reaching for future endeavors, close in proximity.  and Perze right beside me every sunrise.

It must be because it’s the day before my birthday…the emo mode on.

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