Outgrowing Milk

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Zem’s losing weight.

Being three really brought about dramatic changes to her. 

  • She’s completely potty trained.  She doesn’t wet her bed at night either.  If she has to use the toilet, she wakes up and let’s us know.  She takes potty trips independently, although I still have to "clean up."  We haven’t bought diapers since months ago, and she’s completely free from them.
  • She’s off the sippy! Yay!  After noticing her two front teeth progressively getting chipped from the constant friction from the sippy cup, I adamantly forbade the use of any form of sippy cup.  It was a hard battle, and sometimes heartbreaking, but it really was for her own good.  Yay to the parents for sticking to their guns.

But now that she’s off the sippy, she doesn’t need that comfort of drinking milk in front of the tv or before she sleeps.  Now I’ve realized that she doesn’t even really enjoy the taste of milk anymore because when I ask her if she wants milk, she’ll go into drama mode and beg for water…because "water is my favorite and my best," she’ll say. 

And since she’s not a heavyweight eater in the toddler arena, she’s starting to lose just a little weight- esp. her roundish tummy that she used to have due to over-milking.  Milk used to be a huge source of her sustenance, but now I’m more calorie conscious with her regular meals.  Now, I can’t just use her milk drinking as a safety net whenever she doesn’t eat a lot.

But surprisingly, she’s eating a little more than she used to, although I could hardly count on her to win in a food eating contest.

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