Goldenrod Shift Dress

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goldenrodshift I guess by now, you’ve noticed my fascination w/ yellows. Wait, let me rephrase that. Not just every yellow, but more the mustard, the golds, the goldenrods.  Not canary yellow, not baby yellow, and not teeth yellow. 

This is called the Goldenrod Shift dress, and it’s completely all silk, with cute flutter ruffle sleeves and ruffle collar.  With a pleated bib and aligned buttons centered on the front, it also adds casual flair by sporting functional side pockets.  It’s really gorgeous, even moreso in person.  It’s classy and yet fun enough as a day dress.

 2008aug12 450-1 You can accessorize it up by adding a cutout white belt, which is what I did, or just wear it as is.  It’s also going to be great for fall fashion, w/ a blazer, belt, boots, and scarf.

For added layering, to avoid seeing through it, a matching slip dress is worn underneath, hemmed with lace.  (So you basically get a free golden slip dress)…hahah

One great thing about this dress (thank you to its designer) is its ease in getting in and out of it.  Having five buttons in the center avoids having to pull the dress over your head and wiggling into it.  The slip underneath also has a side zipper to comfortably fit into it, while clinging closer to your body.

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