Elsinore Wedges

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elsinore In between the world of flats and heels, there’s your in-between-er, the wedge.  Call me out, I’m a big fan of the wedge shoes.  They give the look of height, with the feel of casual.  Sometimes, wearing heels with leggings or extremely tight pants is a miss, depending on the outfit, so I prefer the wedge shoes. 

When I first saw these wedges, Elsinore, I absolutely instantly wanted them.  And contrary to my friends’ beliefs, I don’t own that many shoes.  I’m actually very picky.  But these shoes have everything I love: pink ruffles, natural colors, and flower appliques!  Have I already established my weakness for floral appliques? 

Surprisingly, these shoes are very comfortable and stable, easy to walk with.  They look adorable with every kind of dress, and even skinny jeans, AND shorts.  Coupled with its casual feel is its overall feminine classy style.

I’ve gotten numerous compliments, from the younger as well as for the older women I know.  One night, while talking with a lot of other older women, my shoes were taken off my feet and passed around to see how it would look on another female’s podalic home.

This one’s definitely a keeper, and one I know my daughter(s) will appreciate me keeping for them.  It’s a good thing I quickly chose to buy these because a week after they came out, they were completely sold out.

Price: $88
Status: own

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