Hope in the Cross

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I heard this really awesome story tonight during the interviews Rick Warren had w/ the presidential candidates.  R.Warren asked McCain about how he felt about his faith, and how he lived that on a daily basis.

Initially, he said he was saved, and although he never really got into the specifics of doctrine, he shared a story of his POW days in Vietnam when the normal routine of a prisoner was to position them in a binding position bending his arm around w/ a rope, tied around the back of his neck, forcing his head to arch down between his legs.  After a few hours in this uncomfortable position, the armed guard loosened his rope and allowed him a few hours in normal position, then tied him back up again.  That Christmas day, the prisoners were allowed time to visit the outside of the prisons.  McCain recalled how that specific guard who untied him came up to him and with his sandal drew a cross on the sand, then wiped it away before they went back.

This served not just as a sign of two christians in one isolated moment as of the same family in Christ, bound to different earthly divisions, but as a sign of faith in God. 

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