BASIC 2008: Defending the Faith

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"I am the way, the truth, and the life.  No one can come to the Father, except through me." (John 14:6)

BASIC started out really simple, bred from the desire to get the youth in my church to start seeking God through 7am bible devotions each week.  Someone played a guitar and we sang songs accoustic version. 

n10510072_33749238_5320 Last Saturday, the YB held the 5th year of BASIC, under the supervision of Genny, one of the oldest YB in our youth group.  Under her planning, the other YB were allocated responsibilities to which they faithfully complied.  Being an advisor to the YB, it was a great sight to see, the youth really stepping up and fulfilling not just an event, but a vision, a heart’s cry to do something in their generation, by themselves! 

n10510072_33751916_2166As an advisor, it really confirms my efforts through the years, working with them and praying for them.  God has tremendously blessed me this year by showing me that HE is indeed working in each other them, not just one or two, but the entire group!!  Some that have been shy initially, has blossomed into finally feeling like they have a role in the group.  They’ve encouraged each other to have Bible Studies without outside pressures.  And  I’ve seen them, as a group, really grow in their relationship w/ Jesus…not just so they can see each other and have fun, n10510072_33749242_6372but knowing they’ve gone through the broken road and come out refined.  I’ve been there to see them change and I feel humbled and honored to know them.

I’ve seen a lot of them break down, and a lot of them fall, and seen them give up, and seen them ask why.   But I’ve also seen them raise their hands in praise with smiles and surrendered emotions.  That’s what I love about working w/ the youth…because they’re still working out life and still finding how to live that life with a deeper purpose.

n10510072_33749255_46 So BASIC 08, they really showed their devotion to glorify God through a huge event.  To date, this has been the most financially expensive event that surpassed our budget.  Genny also invited speakers, one who is the author of apologetic books such as "Case of the Resurrection of Christ," Mike Licona.  The other speaker was Brian Musser, a Drexel ministry worker.  They also invited two other praise teams, a dance crew, someone to give their testimony, and people to give special numbers, not to mention the SJBCI YB praise team.

n10510072_33749090_5501 Surprisingly, I was invited to teach the middle school youth which was a daunting task.  My lesson was "Jesus: the only way."  Keeping in the theme of Defending the Faith, I taught an introduction to pluralism and absolute truth.  With many young people today choosing such postmodern worldviews and not taking a stand on absolute truth that Jesus is the only way of salvation, I was happy to challenge a bunch of middle schoolers why they ought to choose absolute truth.  I admit that I felt bad for giving them such difficult terms, but I am assured that a handful of them will water that seed of curiosity to challenge themselves and build their faith through studying apologetics.  I could see it in some of their faces.

Are YOU interested? Comment me or email me. Let’s have a discussion.

Overall, it was a blessing in so many levels.  One was definitely seeing the YB take leadership roles and even integrating the future YBs. 

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