Mustard Skinny Matchstick Jeans

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untitledmatchstick Denim’s making its color comeback.  And like most things, it’s replicating a previous era- making it vintage inspired.  Remember the matchstick jeans??

I bought these specific jeans in mustard, my favorite color of the season. The great thing about these jeans is its stretch fabric, making it ultra comfortable.  It creates slimming long legs, easy to match with flats or those tall heels.  These come in three colors: mustard, apple salmon, and grey.

Comment me if you’re interested in where I found them.  They’re more pricey than I’d like my jeans to be, but where else could you find classy yellow matchsticks?? 

speedy_yellowd Actually, I do know. 

For a fourth of the price, you can get these jeans (left).  The color isn’t as brilliant as the jeans above, but they’ll do the trick for your yellow color combos.  These jeans are only $25, not straight-leg matchsticks, but the normal skinny jeans.

Comment me if you’re interested in where I found these as well.

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