summer 2008 update

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n10510072-33537367-8728-thumb2008 is definitely the year of weddings.  Em & I have been the entourage for 2 weddings, and our whole family participated in one of those weddings, with Perze as the best man.  So, in the span of 2 weeks, we’ve been busy attending the practices, preparation, and weddings.

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Aside from friends’ weddings, Perze and I have been busy w/ church ministries, with Perze helping out our director of music with Praise and Worship, and me with the choir.  It’s retreat time again, so I’ve taken up the responsibility to conduct. 

n10510072_33680007_9510This weekend will be even busier w/ the Family Retreat coming up; Perze in P&W and me as one of the teachers.  A day before the retreat, we’ll be attending BASIC, an event our YB has been diligently planning. I’ll participate as a teacher for the middle school class, so please pray for that.  Just recently, Perze and I helped lead devotionals for the PreBASIC, as well as attended their four hour worship.

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As far as our little daughter, she’s three!  She speaks in sentences, is toilet trained, sings so many songs, memorized 3 verses, and attends baby gym almost every day this summer.  We celebrated her birthday that whole week and had a little lunch party at church so she can hear everyone sing one of her favorite songs to her while she blows the candle of her cake.  She’s very keen on parties now.

But that’s our updates in a nutshell.  Summer’s almost done, so we’ll update again during our fall activities.

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