An Overdue Bday Thanks

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normal_P1020534We just want to thank everyone who came for Em’s 3rd birthday, and everyone who greeted us that special day.  The thank you cards have been written out but not all were distributed, but a grateful thank you for the Ababa family in advance.  Thank you for your gifts also.

Her birthday week was full of surprises.  On July 1, Perze got up extra early to walk to the store to buy her flowers and balloons but it was too early to get someone working the machines, so he came home with just a bouquet. Em was already awake because she was so excited.  Actually, she initially woke us up that day by giving us five stanzas of Amazing Grace.  I woke up to her sweeeeeeeeet voice.

normal_P1020594As Perze worked for the most of that day, my sister Steph came over w/ her two boys and Mama.  We ended up treating the kids to Baby Gym, Em’s FAVORITE hangout, and the wish fountain, where Em & Hongs robbed me of all my pennies.  They stayed well after dinner, which was really fitting and such a treat for Emma because she claims Hongs is her "best friend."  I didn’t mind being bumped to 2nd place as I saw how they made each other laugh and follow each other from room to room. 

normal_P1020613As they left and Perze got home, bringing home huge balloons for Em & Hongs, we finished the day by taking tons of pictures and even doing a remembrance video.  We reminisced Emma’s 2nd year, realizing how much she’s grown and changed.

That Sunday, we were able to hold a mini-party for her at the church, during agape lunch.  We invited some friends who came to enjoy the lunch and just chit chat.  Em was so excited to give out her Hello Kitty/Spider Man favors that mamam put together (w/ the help of Tatay, Tita Steph, & Tito Sam).  We gave out Hello Kitty reusable lunchbags w/ all of Emma’s favorite goodies inside.  Totally a big hit.  We decorated the cafeteria with balloons and distributed pictures of Em. 

normal_n10510072_33596466_1955 I really want to thank my parents for really taking such an effort to cook so much great food.  I know they work so hard each time we hold a party for their apos.  Parties wouldn’t be as good without their culinary skills.

At the end of that day, when we finally got home to NorthJ, we were able to give Em her last gift, a gift that Perze and I hope will enrich her, entertain her, and educate her- a leapster portable gamer.  So far, she’s been using it every day, and hopefully when she starts being more familiar with math and reading, it’ll be a good tool for her.

But, overall, thank you everyone for being a part of Em’s life, for encouraging her to be a good girl, for giving her a sense of friendship every you converse with her and play with her.  God bless you for treating her as a beloved individual.

For the complete album of her 3rd birthday week, please visit our Photo Gallery.

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