Mini-Jeepsus Cake Topper

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I guess I’ll blog about the wedding little by little.  But months before, since Perze, Emma and myself were all in the wedding party, we decided to buy the cake topper.  I searched really hard to find a personal one for a decent price.  Initially, I planned on buying a Hello Kitty one w/ the Hello Kitty Bride and Groom.  But then I ended up finding something so personal for the couple.

Check it out:

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It was whimsical and very Rogie & Leila since Rogie is very well known for his love of Jeeps.  We tease him all the time that he’ll eventually have to sell his "Jeepsus" one day, and coincidentally, I found a cake topper of his actual Jeep, same color too.  We’re really glad they loved that tiny detail.  I’ve been keeping it a surprise since April so at the reception, when they finally got to see it, their reaction was priceless. 

After their wedding, the next day, we decided to stage a similar scene, which is seen on the right picture.  I’m glad we got it for them because I know years later, Rogie will be on the verge of crying, remembering his Jeepsus, as he looks at Rogie Jr.

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