Eli & Amia’s Beach Party

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2008july30 056-1 My daughter LOVES the beach. Last Saturday, we were able to hit the beach for the first time this year, and Em’s behavior gave the impression that we’ve deprived her for life.

We helped celebrate Eli and Amia’s birthdays in a joint beach party, filled with plentiful food, under gracious tents that blocked the generous sunshine.  2008july30 154-1It was really a perfect day for a party since there was wind amidst the sun. 

Seeing friends at a beach party, with food, and an overjoyed toddler, sitting under a shade and hearing the beach chatter is just really calming.  It made me very thankful that we came, esp. seeing Em so happy covering herself with sand and teasing the waves.

But a behemoth thanks to the Frago family for inviting us!!  We had a great time.  (see right: Em & Eli)

For the complete album of our Island Park Beach Party, please visit our Twelvesixteen.net Photo Gallery.  We’ve uploaded all our pix.

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