Paypal Woes…

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disputes are normal. disputes eventually occur.  The important thing is getting from point A to point B as fast as possible, while also making sure that all the important issues are addressed.

After going through Paypal’s machine operator for several minutes, I was finally transferred to a claims representative who spoke so fast, I felt like throwing a Mario turtle at him to slow him down.  I finally caught up to him and addressed my issue regarding buyer protection.  After I explained how I felt misguided by Paypal’s email, we kept going in circles about how I should have obtained a tracking number for the returned item.  I got so frustrated that I had to throw another Mario turtle at him and tell him that I understood what he was trying to say, but that I needed a resolution to my problem.  Finally, I asked him if there was any other way I could get refunded and he finally offered a tiny hole of hope.

He said I could appeal my case and fax over my receipt of sent item to Paypal, which would then be followed by contacting the 2nd party to confirm the delivery.  After minutes of solidifying the protocol, he finalized his suggested plan and said, “once you fax in your receipt and even if she calls us tomorrow, we’ll send out your money.  We just need to know it got there.”  With some frustration, I asked, “well, can’t I just have her contact you, say tomorrow, and confirm the delivery without going through the huge list of steps?”  And with chagrin, he apologized and clarified that all she had to do was say she received the package.  No receipt, no fax, no appeal, no circus tricks and pin tosses and mexican hat dance.  Just a click on her paypal account, with a message of receipt.

By this time, I really wanted to throw a Mario turtle at him.  This was all for a 45 minute phone call.

Which goes to show…disputes are inevitable…but:

  • focus on a resolution
  • attack only the relevant important issues
  • stay away from circular arguments
  • avoid unnecessary detours, turns, time travels.  just attack the issue.
  • be fair
  • always carry a Mario turtle on hand, just in case.
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