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I can’t believe I’m reading up on preschools already. When did 3 become the new 4?  When did familiar memories of going to school at age 5 suddenly advance into a whole new academic ballgame?  And why is there such an invisible pressure to teach your 1-2 year old how to read their ABC’s and 123’s and point out shapes like an octagon or parallelogram? 

Today at church, I wore a halter w/ my linen pants. Mind you, 80% of the young females have worn a halter, but the day I wear one, I get side comments like “you look young” (from the older members) and “you’re too old” (from the younger members).

Here’s the blunt fact: I’m 28 years old.

This means two of two things:

  • I am young.
  • I’m not too old.

When did today’s youth get the agency to call 28 year olds, OLD?  hahaha…I told them that they could call me out on a halter when I’m 55, but hopefully, when I’m that old, I could still pull it off.

Sometimes, I have to remind myself that 28 is still very young, even w/ a husband and child. It just somehow gets covered by the mask of motherhood and maturity.  But deep inside, esp. to those that know me, I’m a ball of jokes and laughter.

I think it’s really time to get the twenty year olds out there and show the 18-21 how much more fun it is to be past 25…and no I don’t mean getting drunk and dancing til 3am…I don’t miss my days of 18-19…I love living with the person I absolutely adore.  I love being to make my rules instead of having it enforced on me.  I love scheduling my day and working on the things that I know make me me instead of finding who I am and who my friends are.  I love that I don’t have to have my mom cook for me and that I can actually whip up edible meals.  I love that I can plan trips w/ my husband instead of sneaking around w/ my significant other on holiday. I can attend activities and go to the events that I want to go to without asking for permission.  And I love knowing that I’ve matured from my mistakes of youth…that is something that youths still have to go through…

I love my youth days…but with all honesty…life is better now.

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