Old Navy Glitter Clutch

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on522884-01vliv01 With all the weddings and parties this year, a girl’s got to have a handy clutch to carry her cards, keys, camera, and lipgloss.

This glitter clutch from Old Navy is a GREAT touch for the ladies.  At first, upon seeing this online, I had my reservations, but in person, seeing that it was reduced to $5, I instantly bought the silver one (the golds were sold out).  If I find the gold, it’ll be a done deal.  The gold is so great for this season because it definitely stands out.  And since purples and yellows are making their stand in trend this season, gold’s the better suitor.

1311486877_RLLG_3 Pair it up w/ those gold high heels and it’ll make any outfit.  I admittingly have been buying the golds this year, the yellow gold AND metallics!  So, for a really awesome price, you can dress up your look and add some glamour. 

It’ll go well with that new Banana Republic purple dress I bought on sale…

Source: Old Navy
Price: $12.50
Bought: $5
Status: own

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