silencio por favor

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Just like every train ride, by the time we pass New Brunswick, everyone has settled in. People are sleeping, others reading periodicals while others still, thumb away at their blackberry’s and mobile phones enjoying every little little bit of silence with only the hum of the train gliding across its electrical tracks before another chaotic day begins.

The train was 15 minutes away from Newark Penn Station when I heard a melancholic diatribe from two seats away. It was someone singing through her iPod’s headphones. The effects were immediate as the haunting voice slashed through the peaceful air like a chainsaw through a pressure cooked oxtail in peanut sauce and secret spices.

People’s heads were spinning, trying so hard to find the source of noisy irreverence. Then out of the blue a booming voice shushed that singer and forcefully told the person to keep silent … in spanish. The singer, seemingly undaunted by the warning shot, went through a second chorus. The same man stood up and smacked a newspaper across the woman’s chair and asked her one more time to please be silent or else he’ll ask a conductor to drop her off the next stop… this time in english.

I guess the lady in headphones just realized what was going on and profusely apologized for her impromptu performance. The man went back to his reading and The train was again at peace.

Here I am ratting them out wishing I wasn’t too scared to take pictures.

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