Mr. & Mrs. Banas

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n10510072_33537367_8728 Last thursday, May 3rd, we attended our second wedding of the year- the wedding of:

    sarena & meson banas

The wedding was held at New Horizons Church in Voorhees, with the reception at Adelphia’s Restaurant.  It was a nice wedding, with which Em and I participated as bridesmaid and flower girl.  My sister Steph and friend Michelle also shared the experience together as bridesmaids, which made it more enjoyable.

To view the whole album, please visit our Photo Gallery.

P1020741-1I wish I could have taken more pictures but unfortunately, I had to take care of Emma alone during the pre-service and wedding ceremony, so Perze took most of the pictures. 

Sarena has been a friend since our teenage years, and I’ve seen her in many romantic phases, so it’s nice to share in her special day, the day she’s been waiting for.

Her theme was red, with her 8 bridesmaids wearing flouncy dresses while the groomsmen wore a more muted darker red barong.  The couple wore pristine white, even Mes, who wore a formal tux, so it was a halo halo wedding.

Everything turned out nicely, without any major problems (except the DJ…hahaha), so praise God!  Congrats to the couple and best wishes for a happy marriage.  May the integrity of your relationship outwardly show with honesty. 

God bless you two.  Take care on your honeymoon. 

(ps. thanks for the cute silver Coach wristlets! Coincidentally, I needed a new one.)

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