A Party Invitation to ALL our Friends

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Host: Twelvesixteen

Time and Place
Date: Sunday, July 6, 2008
Time: 10:30am – 2:30pm
Location: SJBCI Building
Street: 311 Oakcrest Ave. Pitman, NJ

Contact Info
Phone: 6103080630
Email: [email protected]

emapril22 Our sassy daughter is turning the big THREE this July 1. We’re inviting those who can come to join us for a birthday party and lunch after church service JULY 6. Share with us as we celebrate who she is. She’s been looking forward to this event since she’s comprehended what a birthday is…you know, presents-cake-balloons!  Join us!  Pretty please with Hello Kitty on top.

Thanks in advance!

We’ve left some goodies below so you can get to know her more, if you haven’t gotten the chance to be familiar with her …. um… sass.

Some things about Emmanuelle Grace:
– she can ride a tricycle (with horrible steering)
– she can count to 30…40 if i nag her
– she can read her ABC’s
– her favorite song these days is Amazing Grace
– she can recite 2 Bible verses: John 3:16 & Eph.6:1
– these days, she adores Sailor Moon
– the last stuffed toy she chose to buy was a Marvin the Martian doll
– she’s potty trained
– on slight occassions, she will blurt out “Flavah-Flave!!”
– she can count to 6 in Spanish
– she can create a tutorial for those who are new w/ their iPhones.
– she’s fashion oriented…meaning, she’s picky on what she wears.
– she knows her FULL name: first name, middle name, mother’s name, last name
– she’s been scratched by Michelle’s cat, Cricket, twice…who she calls “Kick-it”
– she’s ticklish and very generous in tickling others
– she plans not to vote politically this year


ZemAlbum   Emmanuelle- 3rd Year


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Lolo on EtchaSketch Emmanuelle’s First Bible

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