Tale of The Mighty Knights

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Yesterday, Marchesa and I took Emma to watch a live Backyardigans play at the State Theater in New Brunswick. We got the tickets last minute so we ended up getting nose bleed seats. It was a blessing in disguise I guess since it was just so hard to see through all the "really tall and biiiig" parents. I think the best seats in the house were at the edge or end of each section.

Parking was not as bad as I thought but I was getting worried that we were going to miss the opening sequence. We found parking a couple blocks away from the theater and ended up walking through George Street. Marchesa was telling me how much that place changed since her Rutgers days. We will definitely come back to walk around the area.

We got in the theater just in time for the intro and Emma got so excited. I was getting pissed since I didn’t know we got nosebleed seats and couldn’t really find where we were supposed to be. We sat at that one place and got kicked out 5 minutes later because apparently there are multiple G-122, G-124 and G-126’s. Ours was located next to the spotlight guy. Grr. I was so irritated that the usher didn’t even bother telling us we were supposed to be next to the clouds.

It wasn’t that bad though since the theater wasn’t as big. You can still see the actors noses. Emma had a lot of fun with her star shaped fairy wand while watching the show.

We ended the night with dinner at Bennigans. While waiting for the food, Emma and I had this fake conversation using a fake language. It sounded really convincing since she played along rather well.  We came home and Emma started using the Fairy wand to attack me with Sailor Moon moves. Cracked us up.

It was a greatway to kick off Emma’s Birthday.

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