Princess Emma and the Dragon – The First Encounter

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Once upon a time, in a land far-far away there was a princess named Emma. Princess Emma lived in a castle with King Tatay and Queen Mama.

One day,Princess Emma went out to play with her friends. Prince Hong-Hong, Prince Baby Seph, Princess Ella, and Princess Erika were waiting for Princess Emma so they can play hide and seek. After many hours of playing everybody decided to play one more game. Princess Emma tried to hide but didn’t realize she was already inside the Magic Forest. While she was hiding behind a bush, Princess Emma heard very loud rumbling noises.

Princess Emma got scared and tried to go back to the castle but couldn’t because she was already lost inside the magic forest. The loud rumbling noises got closer and closer, and Princess Emma realized the noises were coming from a Dragon. The dragon saw Princess Emma and started running towards her. The dragon was screaming saying "I am so Hungry, I will eat you".

Princess Emma stood up and faced the Dragon. She raised her hands and In her loudest scream, she said, "STOP!" The dragon froze on his tracks and told Princess Emma, "But I am so hungry, I need something to eat". Princess Emma told the dragon that there are other kinds of food they can find in the Magic Forest. She said that if the dragon will go with her, she can help him find food and the dragon agreed with Princess Emma.

After walking for quite a while, Princess Emma saw a giant apple tree full of ripe apples. Princess Emma told the dragon that they should go and eat some apples, but the dragon said, I don’t like apples, Princesses taste better. Princess Emma told the dragon that If you try the big red apples, you might like it. So the Dragon reached out, ate an apple and liked it very much. So the dragon and Princess Emma ate as many apples until both of them were full.

The dragon was very happy because he is not hungry anymore. The dragon asked Princess Emma if she has a wish but Princess Emma said that all I wish for is that we become friends. The dragon was very happy with Princess Emma’s wish and told Princess Emma that they are now best friends.

The dragon saw that Princess Emma was sad, so he asked Princess Emma, Why do you look so sad? Princess Emma replied, because its already dark and I’m so lost. I want to go home now. The dragon smiled and told Princess Emma, no problem I can fly and take you home. So Princess Emma rode on the dragons back and the dragon flew up in the sky. Looking over to his right, the dragon then saw the castle and flew in that direction so he can take Princess Emma home.

King Tatay and Queen Mama were so worried that they were waiting outside the castle for hours and hours. Then a dragon landed in front of them with Princess Emma on its back. King Tatay and Queen Mama thanked the dragon for bringing Princess Emma home. Princess hugged and thanked the dragon and waved goodbye.

Princess Emma was so tired that when the dragon left she fell asleep on King Tatay’s arms while holding Queen Mama’s hand. King Tatay and Queen Mama put Princess Emma on her bed and kissed Princess Emma good night.

The End

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