Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Serrano

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Congrats to the newly married couple, who said their vows June 21, 2008:

  Jean & Mike

We really enjoyed ourselves that night, being honored to have shared in their celebration.  The food was brimming over, really indulging our palates, and even serving lechon and chip & spinach dip.  We were so stuffed by the end of the night.  Their cocktail hour was held outside on a terrace at Martinsville Inn, with live music being played. 

We danced to a live band who had very diverse party music.  I was also impressed with the very personal unique ideas they had like the entourage mini dances during their introduction at the reception, and Mike&Jean’s ever skillful salsa dance!  I know people usually have routine dances, but they looked like they’ve been doing that for years and years with each other, just very graceful and creative and not so much rehearsed.


We got home past midnight, but it was worth seeing them so happy.  It was an added treat that I got to see all my college friends who I hardly get to see during the year.  It’s always such a happy time for me to talk to them and for them to see what’s been up with us. 

So congrats again Mr.&Mrs. Serrano!!!  God bless you two as you start your marriage.


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