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Last Sunday, the youth extended their greetings regarding my wedding anniversary.  One particular person recounted the day, having been the only one who crashed our VERY intimate wedding.  She commented, saying that she liked our wedding because it was very intimate and sweet, having the focus really on us getting married.

Now, I understand that every wedding, grand or intimate, is about the couple, but sometimes, I find that one can get lost in the details, in pleasing the enormous guest list, in topping people’s expectations, and worrying about the day’s event and everyone participating in the program.  Those are some thorns that may accompany the blessings of a big wedding.

normal_x1p78D8DlBI2gY0CfizYMCH3BnhIuTNFTfWoDKboPv4_ikcPQ1ulh40a6G_sbnjb7wpdA1wFKEDMXH4zb0cisSAYLkkqjdSeeAC Our wedding, I believe that the comment made about it held one truth to it, which is the one focus of Perze and I simply getting married.  The very few friends who were able to witness it have mentioned their honor in attending such an emotional event.  We hardly really get to share the details about it, because there was no band, no hair appointment weeks ahead, no flowers down the aisle.  I can’t tell you what our wedding dance was like, what theme or color my bridesmaids wore, where I was registered, or how much my dress alterations cost. 

But I can recount how Perze’s knees almost gave out when he heard I was arriving at the church.  I can remember laughing over the holes in my hair after having my hair did at an African American salon. We still laugh over how we came up with our own vows and how much I cried while I said them. 

And although I may have missed out on the attention and focus of a huge wedding, never would I trade a day lost with Perze.  I have never been one to complain about the greatest blessings in my life, because I know just how blessed I am- being surrounded by great people who I honestly love and cherish. 

So with each new year to our marriage, as we look back on that first day, we really look at each other and are SO thankful for that very simple blessing itself- that we got married.  I think people take it for granted so much, being saturated in a culture that sometimes devalues the sanctity of marriage.  But, I know, marriage really is a gift given by grace.


fast forward 4 years.  We celebrated it by making it a day for Emma to enjoy.  We discussed how we want to involve our children in our anniversaries in one form or another, letting them grow up with traditions that celebrate love.

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So, for those interested in our day’s activities, just visit our photo gallery for the complete album entitled: “SIXNINETEEN 2008”.

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