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sixnineteen Family Picture 4 years ago, yesterday, was when I walked the aisle with Marchesa. That was a bitter-sweet day as we tried to recall what we wore, how marchesa had such an awesome hair dresser, and how nervous we were. That really was a day to remember. It showed how brave we both were. So we started our life together with so many uncertainties but we hung on to every bit of blessing and surprises God put on our way.

12 months and 2 weeks later, Emma would come out. I guess you can say that since then, she has been the focal point of our relationship.

So in celebration of our anniversary yesterday, we decided that we celebrate as a family. Well, maybe because NJTransit was kind enough to let me win 2 tickets to Great Adventure despite how much I rag on their service (that’s another blog). We used our free tickets to show Emma the Safari at Great Adventure, and rode on all possible kiddie rides.

At one point we were at the Congo Rapids ride, and while we were still in line, Emma fell asleep. It must have been 40 minutes before we got our turn. Emma Had a little tantrum since that girl hates being woken up during her sleep. Once the ride started and we all got wet and stuff, she wanted to do it again.

It was supposed to rain yesterday but we got blessed with a very sunny and balmy 75 degree weather.

Hit the Jump for pictures from yesterday.

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