"You’re My Best Friend"

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i want to archive this before I ever forget.

Tonight, Em and I have this routine of talking before she goes to sleep.  Tonight she said 4 things that have really touched my heart.

As I hugged her, I wanted to tell her “You’re my best friend.”  But she beat me to it and actually said it while her arm was under my head, “Mamam, you’re my best friend.”  So coincidental.

Then she said, “thank you for taking care of me.”

Minutes later she requested, “can you pray for Emma?”

After the prayer, minutes later, she admitted, “I’m sorry for being so mad.”

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These are some of the things that most people rarely get to see of Emma.  I know she can be difficult and sometimes unsocial.  I know sometimes, she can seem aggressive…but she is one of the most understanding, introspective, and loving 2 year old that you will encounter.   Thank you God for putting that in her heart.  I really cherish moments like that with her.


                                                                                                 By the way: Happy Father’s Day

Most especially…

to all the dads I know, including Kuya Sam, who is a proud and great dad of his two adorable handsome boys- Sam & Seph.

to my Papa, who I appreciate for accepting and continuing his commitment to my mom and his children, as a dad who continues to involve himself in us and our families.

to my Tatay, who has accepted me and who has really gained my admiration in his strengths in ministry and determination.

…and of course to my loving husband, who ALWAYS puts his family first, making decisions that are usually very difficult, but someone I can place my trust on.  Thank you for being a great dad to our rambunctious little sass of a girl.

to my Heavenly Father, who loves me even since I was just an idea.

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