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I love photography. Not just photography, but cutting it up after I take the picture, tweaking it on several programs, and putting it up so people can see it.  I’m not a pro, or that great enough to have my own business of it.  I have no formal training.  I just have a good eye, or so I’d like to believe.  I’ve done a lot of graphic stuff for church and friends, personal projects, and have done tiny tutorials to close friends. 

I just wanted to get that out, to whoever may be reading- to my future kids (if ever…go clean your rooms!)…so here’s some things I’ve done, just some profile pictures, very simple:

P1010818-1 P1010786-1P1010767-1


These were VERY simple to accomplish. I didn’t have to use photoshop.  Just like make-up, you just learn how to blend.  I was playing with angles while taking shots at my newest girly thrill- fake eyelashes.  Any questions?

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