HTC Tilt

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I finally decided to take the leap and upgraded my aging HTC 8525 into the Tilt. This blog won’t elaborate why I decided against getting the 3G iPhone, that will be for another blog.

The upgraded features of this phone has really made a difference over the HTC 8525;

  • Integrated GPS
  • 400MHz Qualcomm MSM 7200 CPU (This baby is Dual Core)
  • 3 MP Camera with 8x Digital Zoom and Auto Focus
  • 256 MB Flash RAM
  • Improved Keyboard

First Impressions

The phone is just a tad heavier than its predecessor but a little thinner. The repositioning of the keys take a little time to get used to especially if you’ve used the HTC 8525 for a while. The phone also now has a spring mechanism that will allow you to bring back your phone to its closed position with very little effort.

I personally think that the GPS is the core upgrade in this phone. Aside from getting your exact position from Google Maps and Windows Live Search, there are application that would enable you to record your actual location and automatically upload that in your personal web server. Now I think that is pretty cool.

With a simple registry tweak, you can now enable geo-tagging on all your photos at the camera’s maximum resolution.

Suggested Applications

Here are some applications that you can download to make your HTC Tilt a little better.

PHM Reg Edit

A Free PPC Registry editor, this will help you re-map that pesky PTT button and enable Geo-Tagging of Photos among other things.

HTC Album

New and Improved Album App from HTC. This is "finger" friendly so you can have image slideshows, and certain image manipulations on the fly. Think almost iPhone like finger action but not quite.

HTC Skins:

HTC Camera by Nadavi

This Camera is better than whats originally on the Tilt. Faster, better UI and works well with HTC Album.

HTC Audio Manager

Windows Media Player alternative


This app is awesome, you have to see it to believe it.

PocketSharp MT

For those bloggers out there. just configure this to point to your xmlrpc service and you can now blog on the fly. Has a few limitations but still pretty good.


Media Player on crack! Plays almost all types of video formats.

Pocket YouTube

You Tube in the Palm of your hands via TCPMP.

Some Images of the Tilt:

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