Lies I tell emma when I want her to sleep

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The title doesn’t necessarily give justice to what I’m trying to write. Emma has been spoiled all her life with stories that are real or just plainly made up. Marchesa has always been her regular storyteller but I do make a guest performance from time to time.

The first story last night was a variation of the 3 little pigs. Same story but had a twist in the end. The pigs gave the wolf some cherries because he was so hungry, he could eat anything, and anything turned out to be cherries.

The second story was about arat-a-wata. the bad little boy of the Darangen folklore. The twist is that arat-a-wata is now a monkey laying waste on some farmers crops. the farmer had to appease the monkey and tricked him into drowning in the river. PETA won’t like this stuff but every fairy tale is about animal cruelty anyway.

The third and final story was about this kid named dapal-dapal. His parents had to “lose” him because they can’t afford to feed him since there is famine across the land and he is such a voracious eater. One time he accidentally fell in a river full of crocodiles. His parents thought he was a goner . They went home knowing they’ll be dying of hunger soon and didn’t have to worry about their son. Early next morning they heard a knock on the door, when they opened it they saw dapal-dapal with crocodiles on his back all gutted and ready to eat. All’s well that ends well.

I hope she doesn’t remember these when she grows up.

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