To Be or WannaBe

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No, I’m pretty much not asking which ones I’d want to buy, although I’d be interested in what people think of the two.  The practical question is which one to buy, not so much “want” to buy, because one of these pairs costs over $200 and the other less than $20.

Just by close observation, you could probably guess correctly which one is constructed with better quality materials.  The point is, with the great debate of design copyright, the consumer here pretty much wins, buying the style with a small fraction of the price.  Although everyone pretty much disfavors and doesn’t appreciate style biters, with the gas prices these days, you don’t have a choice but dish $20 instead of the $200 (unless you’re the CEO or marry rich).  It’s just pretty bad for the designers/sellers.  But sometimes that’s what you get for creating great designs/fashion.

sandals01 This style took the idea of this season’s gladiator flat sandals, and femme-ed it up with the flower clusters.  And like many of my friends know, flowers applique always win me over.  Another pair I’m crushing on these days is the one on the right by LP, although a bit more reasonably priced than the $200 pair above. 

Maybe one day, you’ll see me wearing the high quality pair, after I win the lottery or some random cash raffle, but for this summer, you’ll pretty much see me wear practically priced sandals.  Howbeit, I’ll still be wearing cute shoes.

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