Zem’s Movie Milestone: Iron Man

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So last Saturday, Perze wanted to watch Iron Man w/ Rogie.  But Leila wanted to watch SITC with me.  Perfect!

Not quite.  Stuck in the equation was Emma…so I told Perze to just join the couple to watch Iron Man, but like a caring husband, he felt bad leaving Emma with me while he enjoyed a Marvel movie. 

So we talked about it and finally risked it.  We decided to try Emma out on her first theater experience.  So all five of us took our seats that night and were surprised to see Emma be so behaved! 

It didn’t just surprise me, it made me proud that we got her accustomed to behaving and listening in public, AND that she met us halfway and abided to those rules.  It definitely takes both parent and child to work together, each bearing responsibilities to make things work.

Sooooooo…this opens a lot of doors for us, having been theater deprived for a couple years now, unless my parents take care of Em. 

At the middle of the movie, Emma wanted more milk so we went to the concession stand to inquire for milk.  They failed to sell milk so I told Emma.  She replied, “mmmmmm……(waiting)…I know!  Maybe some popcorn!”  Surprised, I said, “but you don’t like popcorn.”  She corrected me saying, “I like popcorn mamam.”  So we replaced the initial plan for milk and bought water and small bag of popcorn, which she indeed eat some popcorn. 

The next night, at home, Perze was on the computer and Emma got up, pointed to the screen and yelled, “IRON MAN!”

So yes, down the road, she’ll probably favor Iron Man for sentimental reasons as well, it being her first movie in the theaters.

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