OT Reading: Recap and Review

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During church announcements today, I addressed the congregation, updating them on the YB’s Old Testament reading from last weekend.  I wanted to really stress the importance of this event, not to impress people, but more to encourage the YB for their arduous commitment to reading and giving up their weekend to read Scripture straight through.  Additionally, I wanted to encourage the congregation to take up similar personal challenges to read on their own.

Our Youth study consisted of a discussion over the contents of what they’ve read and the benefits of reading it straight through.  We were really able to cover the deep connections between the Old Testament and New Testament, and how the differences were definably mastered by God for a perfect reason.  We discussed the analogies between OT and NT sacrifices and offerings, the priesthood, and the importance of holiness.  Most importantly, we discussed the necessity of all the specific numerous laws on God’s people, and how that ultimately led to Jesus.

P1010457 Recap: the YB spent 2 days staying up to read the Old Testament, from Genesis- Deuteronomy, reading audibly and taking turns until they finished all books. 

As I was talking w/ them during the youth study today, I found my heart beating faster as it used to when I would try to study things from the Old Testament, pondering the importance to have Jesus today and why the laws and God’s purposes in the OT logically points to Jesus being the only way.

I touched upon pluralism, and how studying the OT grants clarity and proof as to why Jesus is solely the way for salvation. 

I hope that activity, in addition to our discussion today, really inspires their curiosity to seek Scripture further, to love the perfection of God’s omniscience, and to understand the necessity for holiness.

Glory to God for planting the seed in their minds and hearts…

P1010452 P1010464
(L: day 2, reading seriously | R: night 2, with a couple sentences left until finished)

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