the Golden Compass

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The Golden CompassThe Golden Compass

2.0 Stars

who wrote this movie?

what they should’ve done was use the golden compass to point them to a better ending.
you know what they should’ve done? they should’ve used the golden compass to direct them to a logician, because if that ice bear became king of like a thousand bears, then why didn’t at least 300 bears go to war like the Spartans?

and the author of this movie obviously had psychological issues w/ his/her mother, because in the end, that little girl let her open a can of three levels of wrong.

and if i were that girl, i would’ve used the compass to point me towards Aslan, who most likely lived two miles west, where there were more talking animals.

and lastly, i would’ve used the golden compass to point me to the person who owes me money back from spending on that movie.

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