27 Dresses

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27 Dresses

27 Dresses

3.0 Stars

i could have sworn that i’ve seen this movie before…oh wait, i have. it was called “Never Been Kissed.”

the story line was in such parallel dimensions that if you played the movies simultaneously, both couples end up kissing right at the same time at the end of the movie.

ok. ok. not that exactly…but haven’t we seen this already? someone falls for the person who is their target subject for the news article of the year, and decides to abort the initial plan, thus sacrificing their career advancement for true love, only to realize that the story is way to good not to be printed?

i mean, katherine heigl is typically the subtle comical force, but the plot line just didn’t pull enough originality. i also must have burped at one part cause i just didn’t understand how their relationship really blossomed into love, even though by the trailers alone, you knew she’d eventually end up dating an x-Men. but there were some good parts worthy enough for this to be some blockbuster night.

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