Graduation and Crabs: Tenorio Style

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Just wanted to say happy graduation to Ninong Paul Tenorio. 

web15 Last weekend, he graduated from Temple U. w/ his doctorate in Physical Therapy.  In his own words, he humbly says nothing’s really changed except for the title, but we know the hard work he’s put into all those years of education so he’ll be most prepared for what he’s doing in his workplace.  We’re duper proud of him!  What I admire most in his achievement is his humble attitude.  Congrats Paul.

I remember when we were still in Rutgers and he’d share his occupational dreams, seeming almost hopeless with the arduous years ahead.  But retrospectively, we can now laugh over the dramatic moments of neilson.

web04Last weekend, we indulged in the annual Tenorio Crabfest.  His family, in honor of the graduate, bought bushels of crabs for us to feast on, and feast we did….ok…inhaled it.  Sometimes Perze gets his cholesterol down so he can eat in T’s Crabfest.  Some FICers came over like Chermjay and Lenanne (think Tomkat).  So as you know, that meant belly laughs as a side order w/ the crabs. 

We promised Paul that we’d even make T’shirts that said, “Tenorio Has Crabs.  Come Over.”  We’d also make STD cards…. you know- Save the Date.  hahaha.  OMG. good project. no lie.

web08 T’s niece, Ella, who happens to be Emma’s age, also did us a favor and kept Em company, so we were free to relax and eat.  At the end of the night, they performed a duet of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star together- in key of G and key of F#minor. Of course, they had Chermaine be their opening act. 

web12So, we just want to say, congrats
and thank you Tenorio for:

  • having us over
  • for the crabs
  • for the crabs again
  • for the crabs one more time

ps. i left my apple scarf at your house. ha…
and be safe in Hawaii.

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